CU Innovation & Efficiency Tips, Part 3: Help your department improve operations!

Time to re-evaluate your operations! Ask yourself ...

  • Do you want to see more sustainable activities?
  • Do you want to be on the cutting edge of technology?
  • Do you think equipment or other supplies could be managed more effectively?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, look at the operational improvements your CU colleagues have achieved!

Here are some great ideas from this year's CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Awards Program.

Your colleagues have told us how they’ve made their operations more effective and modern:

  • At UCCS, they conducted a massive overhaul of the parking services management systems, implementing advanced technology (such as License Plate Reader and Park Mobile) to "address scarce parking needs on campus ... eliminate the cost to print and mail physical permits to customers ... enable emailed citations and their payment/contest ... and accept customer credit card payment for hourly parking from the ease of their cell phone. " See Parking and Transportation Services.
  • At CU Boulder, they eliminated the frequent need to distribute blankets and small heaters to students without hot water by improving the system that provided climate heat and domestic hot water to the residence halls. "The original design called for only one compressor and that system would fail at least once a month. Adding the second compressor and additional automation has resolved the original design flaw ... We have not experienced an outage since the system's installation." See Reliable Compressed Air.
  • At CU Boulder, they supported the mission of an herbicide-free campus by adopting a sustainable approach to landscape. "It was extremely difficult to control weeds at an acceptable level either by hand or other ineffective mechanical methods. This process allowed us to have a high presentation standard in the landscape without using chemicals or hiring additional staff." See Steam Weed Control.
  • And, also at CU Boulder, they re-structured UPS package delivery through the campus Distribution Center, in order to "reduce traffic on campus, thus creating a safer environment while reducing fuel consumption and emissions." See UPS Package Delivery Process.

See what other departments have done to streamline and/or go paperless.

In fact: check out all the CU I&E Awards Program submissions this year on the Office of University Controller website.

And mark your calendar to join us at the CU I&E Expo on May 15

Come to the CU I&E Exposition & Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 15, 2018 (11:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.), at the System offices (1800 Grant St., Denver).

Watch this year's CU I&E semifinalists demo their submissions and ask them questions about their innovations.  Hear the announcement of prize winners. Enjoy light refreshments and great conversation with your CU colleagues. All employees are invited to attend.


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