Departments with sponsored project activity: check out the new Cognos Reporting System folder, Finance > Project Reports. And in particular, check out the newest addition to that folder, m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS. This report is getting great reviews from faculty and staff who love its project-only focus and comprehensive scope. It’s similar to the popular m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY but was designed (and runs) exclusively for projects. 
The OUC is very pleased to introduce Bob Loosley as our new Director of Tax. Bob's first day at CU is Mon, Feb 24. He is a licensed CPA with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and a Master’s degree in taxation and he has spent over a decade as the Tax & Accounts Payable Manager for Colorado State University.
What have you done to make your office work better?
As mentioned in an earlier news post, the OUC is creating an innovative way for interested individuals to understand the information provided in the 2013 Annual Report. “Behind the Numbers” – an Addendum to the Annual Financial Report – will soon be available online. The Addendum will offer an interactive web experience with color graphs and plain talk. Non-accountants, take note: The Addendum was developed with you in mind. (Accountants: You’re welcome to visit, too.) Look for an announcement soon …
The PeopleSoft HCM/Finance 9.2 Upgrade Project has begun. And when it goes live – in November 2015 – it will improve a number of business processes in the areas of human resources and financial management.
The following topics are on the agenda for the Feb 17 Controllers’ meeting: Campus updates; PSC Open Houses; Contracts under $5,000; Background Check clause; Concur Audit; Using Procurement Cards to pay for professional development events; SRECNP printing; Demo of SRECNP Cognos Report; Crowdfunding; Officer Disclosure of Interest; CORE update; PeopleSoft FIN/HRMS Upgrade update; Global Operations Support team. Questions on discussion points from this meeting – or any other Controllers’ meeting – should be directed to the appropriate campus controller.
In an effort to increase the transparency and accessibility of our financial reports, the 2013 Annual Financial Report has been produced as an HTML website. If you prefer the more traditional PDF format -- or if you need to provide a PDF to a granting agency -- please note that the PDF version of the Annual Report is also available on the annual financial reports webpage at

Benefits to the interactive HTML format include:

  • Improved searchability and accessibility