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A Great (new) Report for PIs

Departments with sponsored project activity: check out the new Cognos Reporting System folder, Finance > Project Reports. And in particular, check out the newest addition to that folder, m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS. This report is getting great reviews from faculty and staff who love its project-only focus and comprehensive scope. It’s similar to the popular m-Fin OPERATING SUMMARY but was designed (and runs) exclusively for projects.  Notes one fan, "… a great report for PIs … complete with a graph.” The report includes area charts, showing expenditures as an area and budget as a line. Comments another user: “… a truly one-stop shop report.” The m-Fin PROJECT FINANCIAL STATUS report can be run for an org and for one project at a time. It provides summary expenditures (salary, benefits, operating, travel, F&A); optional cumulative expenditures (highlighting activity booked after project end date); assets and liabilities (if requested); and salary, wages, and benefits (all people paid by the project – if requested). And, of course: It includes an available balance summary – with the attention-getting red stop sign if available balance is negative. And it can run all projects for a specific PI.  To learn more about this and other project-valuable reports, plan to attend our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course, Cognos: Grants and Contracts. The first offering of this new course will be April 10 (registration opens in mid-March):

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