Archive July 2013

Many individuals across the campuses have been receiving email reminders about their 2013 Fiscal Assessment due dates. According to University procedures, the officers to whom these individuals roll up cannot complete their own required Fiscal Certifications until the Assessments are done. If you've received such an email, please follow the instructions to log in to your campus portal and navigate to CU Resources - Business Applications - Fiscal Cert and Assessment.
We're there! The 3rd and FINAL close process for June 2013 is scheduled to run today (Friday, July 19).
How do you pick the best of the best? From a pool of great ideas in practice, a few have been singled out to receive the CU Shared Practices (CUSP) awards for FY 2013. The CUSP program, designed to promote efficiencies and share best practices, closed out its 2013 program year with twelve submissions approved for posting. This was the highest rate of successful submissions since the program launched in the 2010 fiscal year, so kudos to all who participated; your efforts are appreciated!
We’ve recently updated select financial and procurement guidance and forms; the revised versions were posted on the OUC and PSC websites effective July 1. The changes are largely due to questions and new processing associated with the transition of approximately 150 CU Foundation development employees to the University. The focus of these employees' work is donor cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. Many of the changes to policy, procedure, and form are minor – for example, adding references to the new advancement/development fund (Fund 36) to some of the OUC and PSC forms.