July 1 Procedure/Form Changes and the CUF Employee Transition

We’ve recently updated select financial and procurement guidance and forms; the revised versions were posted on the OUC and PSC websites effective July 1. The changes are largely due to questions and new processing associated with the transition of approximately 150 CU Foundation development employees to the University. The focus of these employees' work is donor cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship. Many of the changes to policy, procedure, and form are minor – for example, adding references to the new advancement/development fund (Fund 36) to some of the OUC and PSC forms. Among the items modified are the Administrative Policy Statement (APS) Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events, select terms in the APS Policy Glossary, the Accounting Handbook chapter on Fundraising Events, and the PSC Procedural Statements on Alcoholic Beverages, Official Functions, and Sensitive Expenses. Other policies and procedures are under review for possible changes. For more information, see the CUF/CU Transition website at www.cu.edu/controller/transition. Questions? Contact Normandy.Roden@cu.edu.

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