Know someone who needs to stay up to date on financial matters … forms, procedures, policies, and other news? Tell them about the OUC Newsletter! You get it – and the PSC Communicator – and the PBS Bulletin – when you sign up for the University’s User Alerts. The subscription process has recently changed: to get on board, email and ask to be added to the User Alert list. Or, if you prefer, enter a SupportWorks ticket (identify Desktop Support, Email as the categories). You’ll be signed up that very day!
Yes, it’s coming. Our new interactive web presence will be available later this summer. (We’d love to show it to you right away, but we need to wait for some software updates from UIS.) We’ll announce the new site and run through it prior to publication, to make sure you know what’s up, what’s where, what’s changed, and what’s going to be working better for you.
If you are one of the hundreds of FishNet users who love the Position Budget and other reports, there are 3 things you need to know.