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January 2016 Close Dates are Set

Campus Close for January is scheduled for Thursday, March 10

Campus close for January 2016 is scheduled for Thursday, March 10. System close will be Friday, March 11.

So…How Did December Close Go?

Campuses and the System Office reported some areas of clean-up (see below), but overall, December close went well.

This was the University’s first close in the new FIN 9.2. We anticipate successive closes will see ongoing improvement. In the meantime, note the following:

  • PETs – December PETs that were in error status may appear on your January or February reports, depending on when they were corrected. PETs created in January/February are still being processed (this includes fixing errors related to debits not equaling credits) and will show on your February statements.
  • F&A has not yet been run for January or February.
  • Some fringe benefits did not post correctly and are being corrected.
  • Payroll encumbrances – There is some additional work being done in this area, including questions on mid-month changes, and calculations for accounting period 5 (November).

We’re in the process of updating our outstanding issues list. We’ll let you know when it’s revised and on the OUC website.

When will February close?

February close dates will be announced shortly after March 11.

More updates next week!

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