With many competing demands at this time of year, we offered just a single day of continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs (and other employees) on Mon, June 4, presenting:
  • GASB Review
  • GASB Update
  • Topics in Effective Writing
All attendees have received their certificates of completion and links to access their course materials online.
Our next day of continuing professional education (CPE) for CPAs and other employees is scheduled for Mon, June 4. This is your chance to earn up to 7 credits of no-cost, highly relevant CPE. With the average cost per credit hour in the Denver area conservatively estimated at $45, our June session is worth $315 to each CPA participant. Just as important: class participants throughout the year have routinely rated our CPE offerings as highly relevant and our instructors as highly effective. All sessions are presented in the CU System Building at 1800 Grant Street in downtown Denver:
Do you feel you could benefit from an effective writing course? Would you like tips on stylistic devices, format, etiquette, and/or grammar? Good news, then: We’re developing a “Topics in Effective Writing” course for future CPE offerings. As always, our focus is on relevant material for our CU CPA and other audience members. Email Normandy.Roden@cu.edu and tell her your specific writing-related interests.
Our March 2012 Continuing Professional Education classes quickly filled to capacity – and all were well received by participants. We launched the first quarter of calendar year 2012 with 2 days of new and repeated-on-request course offerings, including Understanding Internal Controls, Understanding and Preparing the Statement of Cash Flows, Banking and Payments, and The Ethics of Whistle-Blowing. Credits were available in Auditing, (Governmental), Accounting
On employee wait list? We are notifying you of available space by today. Questions? Write to cu.cpe@cu.edu.