Can students, faculty and staff buy personal computers from Dell?
There is a CU Dell page separate from the Marketplace where faculty, staff and students can make personal purchases at There are Boulder-specific recommendations there if that is helpful to them, but CU staff and students can purchase anything from the page and get educational pricing on it.

Can students, faculty and staff buy personal computers from Apple?

Special discounts are available on Apple products through the CU Student Purchasing Program.  The best way to order is by going to where the special pricing will already be set to choose.  Then just follow through your order to checkout.  When checking out, please login or register with a CU-affiliated account in order to ensure your discounted price.  If you have questions or run into any issues, please email Brett Johnson at or call at 866.465.9917, and provide your order number.

Denver/AMC and Boulder are part of the “Apple on Campus” program, where personal purchases of Apple products can be made online thru the bookstore’s website, though the CDW-G process above is recommended and typically includes better discounts.

Can I buy a computer from HP, Lenovo, Acer, IBM, etc?
Please note that Dell is a preferred supplier as established by the PSC and campus OIT departments. The PSC recommends checking with your IT support group prior to purchasing a device that is not manufactured by Dell. To purchase HP, Lenovo, Acer, IBM, or another brand, please contact Brett Johnson at for a quote. The quote will be uploaded to Marketplace for ease of ordering.

Steps to procure below:

CDW: You can convert the CDW-G Quote # XX into an order in CU M@rketplace using the instructions below:

  • How to convert a CDW-G Quote into an Order in eSHOP:
    1. Log in to the CU M@rketplace using your CU login credentials
    2. Click on the CDW-G icon and select the “Punch-out” link that comes up
    3. Enter the supplied quote number in all CAPS into the text box on the CDW-G homepage and click “Find It”
    4. Click 'Add to Cart' and continue checking out the way you would any other order

Do I have to purchase AppleCare?
AppleCare is recommended when purchasing Apple hardware.

What contracted suppliers are mandatory?
Xerox, Konica Minolta, Infojini, & Lancesoft.

Where do I locate master service agreements or enterprise agreements?
You can locate master service agreements on the “How to buy” pages for hardware, software, audiovisual, and services pages.

How do I buy off a master service agreement or enterprise agreement?
Please see: IT Purchasing Method Guide 

Why do I have to order from Dell or CDW-G (for Apple)?
In addition to the Procurement Service Center negotiating discounted rates, warranty, support, and tracking, we have contracts in place that meet the University’s security and compliance requirements.

When items are on backorder from a contracted supplier, can I order from another supplier?
First, reach out to a Catalog supplier for a quote if you can’t locate an item on the punchout or reach out to Chrissy Alexander at or Angela Penzo at

Can I purchase hardware on my personal card and get reimbursed?
Our preferred method of purchasing IT Hardware is from one of our contracted suppliers and ideally through one of our catalogs. If you purchased hardware on your personal card tax will be charged and may not be reimbursed. It may not be our standard product, the warranty may differ, the security and other compliance may be below the required standards, there could be a lack of support, and it may not be approved by campus OIT.

Am I allowed to purchase hardware from Amazon?
We recommend you do not purchase hardware from Amazon as it may not meet our University performance standards, negotiated warranty, and support.

Who do I call about warranty repairs for Apple?
Please coordinate warranty repairs for Apple with your campus OIT or our CDW-G/Apple representative Brett Johnson at

Who do I call about warranty repairs for Dell?
Please coordinate warranty repairs for Dell products with your campus OIT or with our representative from Dell, Ashley Delgado Simo at

I can’t find the laptop that I want in the Dell punchout, what do I do?
Please reach out to Ashley Delgado Simo the University’s Dell Account Manager at for assistance with a quote or equivalent alternative. If the product is not available, please contact Brett Johnson at for a quote from CDW or contact Chrissy Alexander at You can also reach out to a Purchasing Agent responsible for the commodity

Who do I call about a problem with my Dell order?
You can contact Ashley Delgado Simo at

My Dell laptop is damaged, what do I do?
Please coordinate repairs for Dell products with your campus OIT or with our representative from Dell, Ashley Delgado Simo at

How do I make a return?
All Dell returns are subject to the terms and conditions of Dell’s Return Policy 

To initiate a return with Dell, follow these steps:

  1. Go to  and enter your order number. 
  2. Select “Return/Replace Items”. Verify your identity and follow the directions to submit your return. 
  3. Print return label and package your device in its original packaging for pickup or bring it to a local drop-off location. 
  4. Track your return online.  Go to, enter your order number and select “View Details” to learn more. Credit or refund will be issued after Dell receives and validates the authorized return. 

 Additional Notes: 

  • If an order is in-production status we do have a short window to get an order cancelled.  Once its status has been updated to “Shipping” or “Shipped” we are not able to cancel an order.  
  • All returns that are a non-Dell error are subject to the 15% restocking fee.  
  • Returns are allowed within the 30-day return policy. 
  • If an order is outside of the 30-day return policy, contact Dell support through the above link to request approval. 

For other suppliers, please contact our supplier representative and they will provide instructions on how to process a product’s return. 

My request is time sensitive. How do I get it expedited?
Please reach out to your purchasing agent or account manager to have an order expedited.

Due to extended lead times from Dell, can I order from another reseller or Best Buy?
While the lead times have decreased with Dell products, our next preferred option is to purchase from our CDW punchout catalog. If the product is not available on the punchout catalog, please contact Brett Johnson at for a quote. We discourage customers from going to retail outlets to buy IT products.

Where do I find the Dell standards?
The Dell standard configurations can be found by clicking the “Standard Configurations” button on the Dell Catalog landing page in Marketplace or by visiting the “How to buy IT Hardware” page.

How can I get support for the products I purchased from Dell? Apple?
For Dell support, please contact Ashley Delgado Simo at

For Apple support, please contact Brett Johnson at or call at 866.465.9917.

Also, you can contact your campus OIT for assistance with support.

What shipping options are available?
For expedited shipping requirements, please contact the supplier prior to submitting a requisition to determine the method for changing shipping options.

I found a sale for the item I want. Can I buy directly from this supplier?
The University's preferred purchasing method is utilizing the catalogs on our Marketplace. Purchasing IT equipment on a procurement card is highly discouraged.

How can I purchase a custom configured computer?
To customize a computer on the Dell Catalog, select the “Customize & Buy” option right of the product description.  To customize an Apple computer, use the filters on the left side of the catalog page for CDW-G to narrow down the options and find the selection you’re looking for.

How do I procure software?
Please reach out to your campus OIT to establish whether they already have licenses available for purchase. If they do not have what you need, please check the University’s Enterprise Agreements on the “How to Order Software” page for ease of ordering. If the Enterprise Agreements do not have what you need, please follow the Purchasing Guidelines and Policies. All Software purchases require a security and compliance review and need to be approved and often negotiated. This includes but not limited to Clickthrough/Clickwrap procurements.

Campus OIT Home Pages: UIS (CU System), CU Boulder, UCCS, CU Denver / Anschutz

How do I know if my order needs a Security and Compliance review?
For ALL goods or services that involve, but not limited to, digital interface, software, licenses, or systems that can store, manage, control, manipulate or retrieve information/data for human interaction, including videos, platform, web content/web development, and communications products require compliance review and approval. Please allow 2 to 8 (estimated) weeks for this process and another 2-8 (estimated) weeks for the contracting process, when applicable.

How long does the Security and Compliance review take?
A Security and Compliance review can typically take between 2 to 8 (estimated) weeks so please make purchases well in advance if you believe it will require one. The contracting process can also take 2 to 8 (estimated) weeks.