Expenditure contracts of any dollar amount require Procurement Service Center approval. PSC Purchasing Agents are the only individuals authorized to sign expenditure contracts for goods and services on behalf of the University.

Small-dollar Contracts

For contracts of $10,000 and less: Before proceeding with the purchase, send the contract or agreement to the PSC.

  • Submit a Small Dollar Contract Review Request: Please follow this link for step-by-step instructions on how to complete this Small Dollar Contract Request Form.
  • The PSC will review the contract for legal sufficiency, obtain all necessary signatures, and email the completed contract to you.
  • Send the contract to the supplier. (If you’re ordering through the CU Marketplace, attach the completed contract to the non-catalog form as an external attachment.)
  • Keep a copy of the signed agreement.

Large-dollar Contracts

For contracts over $10,000: Work with the PSC on both the contract and the purchase.

  • Create a requisition in the CU Marketplace using the appropriate form. Attach a WORD version of the contract or agreement.
  • The PSC will review the contract for legal sufficiency and obtain all necessary signatures.
  • The PSC Purchasing Agent will send the completed contract to the supplier when the purchase order is issued.

IMPORTANT! For contracts of any dollar amount, you should always carefully read and understand all terms and conditions. Pay particular attention to requirements that relate to the business deal, renewal terms, pricing, and termination.