The CU Supplier Portal is available through the University's eProcurement system, CU Marketplace. The portal allows suppliers (external entities/individuals paid by CU) to do the following:

  • Register online to become a supplier with CU. (See Exception, below.)
  • Manage supplier information, such as addresses, contacts, and diversity classification
  • View and respond to University solicitations on the CU Sourcing website.
  • View invoice status online. (This access replaces the need to contact the University for invoice status information.)


  • Study subjects.  The study subject's paper W-9 (IRS form) must accompany the Study Subject Payment (SSP) form to ensure that the individual is correctly set up as Clinical Trial supplier.
  • Reimbursements/refunds. Tax documents are not needed in order to issue reimbursements using the Non-Employee Reimbursement (NR) form … or to process refunds using the Payment Authorization (PA) form. Therefore, recipients of reimbursements or refunds do not need to register through the Supplier Portal or submit W-9 forms.
  • Stipends and cash awards on the Payment Authorization (PA) form. The payee's paper W-9 (IRS form) must accompany the PA form to ensure that the individual is correctly set up.
  • CU employees and CU students are not considered suppliers and do not need to complete the supplier registration process or submit W-9 forms.