The Financials Advisory Board (FAB) met on Nov 4, 2014, to address a full agenda.
Heard about the FIN 9.2 Deep Dive sessions on campus?
We spent a lot of time this past week talking to campuses about requirements.
A number of topics are on the agenda for the October Controllers’ meeting
On Oct 6, the Financials Advisory Board (FAB) met for an update on the FIN 9.2 Upgrade … and was assigned some heavy reading. One of their assignments was the Requirements Matrix, a list of items, features, and customizations (ChartField attributes, etc.) that need to be developed and tested in FIN 9.2.
Thank you – all 250+ of you – for your time, your interest, and your feedback at the OUC Town Hall sessions this month. We always enjoy hearing what you think and working together on ways to make all of our work processes better.
You may have been there with us … or you may just be catching up now. The FIN Upgrade team has been sharing information and learning about business processes with stakeholders from all campuses.
It’s been a busy couple of weeks with some key developments for the FIN 9.2 Upgrade.
Greetings Finance System SMEs (that’s Subject Matter Experts, by the way). Rumor has it that you would like to know more about what’s happening with the PeopleSoft FIN 9.2 upgrade, so be careful what you wish for.
A great way to begin the month of October: OUC and department staff exchanged information and questions at Town Hall sessions in Colorado Springs and Denver.