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Deep (Dive) Thoughts on the Elevate: FIN Upgrade

Greetings Finance System SMEs (that’s Subject Matter Experts, by the way). Rumor has it that you would like to know more about what’s happening with the PeopleSoft FIN 9.2 upgrade, so be careful what you wish for.

Under the direction of FIN Project Lead Vickie Martin and FIN Project Manager Carolyn Landa, we’re starting to get into the nitty-gritty of the new system. We’ve completed Fit/Gap sessions: these focused on identifying significant variances in both function and process between the current FIN system, which is highly customized, and the delivered FIN 9.2. Now we’re moving into the Deep Dive and Development Phase, where we bring a demo version of FIN 9.2 to the campuses and invite FIN users to walk through the processes they’ll be using. This will give users a better idea of how delivered FIN 9.2 will look, and will help us identify issues that might need refining or additional development.

There are many new (to CU, anyway) features in FIN 9.2, including Workflow, WorkCenters, and reporting options that are intended to save time and make your lives easier. We hope you’ll take advantage of our Deep Dive sessions to preview this new functionality and share your insights with us as we develop the University’s new Finance System. Your participation will help give the project team a better idea of your business process flows and needs. Through your input, we hope to get validation and approval for the design decisions that will be made as we work through the upgrade.

So – if you’ve already received a direct invitation to join a Deep Dive, we hope you’ll do so.

If you haven’t, but you’d like to, please reach out to your campus FIN Upgrade Key Contacts ( to see how you can get involved.

Stay tuned for our regular upgrade communications through the OUC News blog! (

And stay familiar with our recently revised FIN Upgrade website at

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