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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - General Ledger Deep Dives

Heard about the Deep Dive sessions on campus? Deep Dives are hands-on, computer lab sessions that offer participants a chance to navigate FIN 9.2 modules and make sure their business process requirements are being addressed.

The first Deep Dive for General Ledger was held recently on the Boulder Campus. A group of about 25 individuals walked through FIN 9.2 Journal Entry and general navigation. They were pleasantly surprised by several exciting new features, among them: attachments, related content, and keyword searches.

  • Attachments are just what you think they are: materials that have been uploaded to a journal (or other record) in order to provide a single point of storage, within PeopleSoft, for supporting documentation.
  • Related content is a link that can be configured to display information relevant to a specific function. For example, Deep Dive discussions highlighted the following as possible related content for JEs: a link to step-by-step instructions (on entering or approving a journal), a link to the CIW (Central Information Warehouse), and a link to Singularity (the new document storage/retrieval tool).
  • Keyword searches are a new way to look for journals. In addition to searching by date, fiscal year, accounting period, etc., you’ll be able to look in FIN 9.2 for journals that contain a specific word or text string.

Like what you’re hearing? Look for more Deep Dive info in future OUC News blog posts.

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