A lot has happened with the FIN Upgrade during the last month! We want to fill you in on some details, thank you for your involvement, and encourage you to stay with us as we move into the next phase of the Elevate: FIN Upgrade.
Due to multiple campus closures on Fri, Jan 2, the month-end close for December (FY2014 Period 6) will be completed on Wed, Jan 7, 2015.
What’s new in FIN 9.2? Related Content, for one thing.
What are shadow systems and why do we want to hear about them as we prepare for the FIN Upgrade?
The University and Campus Controllers meet to discuss a number of topics on Nov 17, 2014.
The Financials Advisory Board (FAB) met on Nov 4, 2014, to address a full agenda.
Heard about the FIN 9.2 Deep Dive sessions on campus?
We spent a lot of time this past week talking to campuses about requirements.
A number of topics are on the agenda for the October Controllers’ meeting
On Oct 6, the Financials Advisory Board (FAB) met for an update on the FIN 9.2 Upgrade … and was assigned some heavy reading. One of their assignments was the Requirements Matrix, a list of items, features, and customizations (ChartField attributes, etc.) that need to be developed and tested in FIN 9.2.