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Elevate: FIN Upgrade - Let’s Talk “Related Content”

What’s new in FIN 9.2? Related Content, for one thing.

In the upgraded PeopleSoft Finance System – going live in November 2015 – we can configure “Related Content” links to access additional information that is useful and relevant to the work being performed at the moment.

So, for example, let's say you were creating a Journal Entry (JE) in the new system. If you had a question about the process, you could simply click a handy link direct to the various types of JE Entry instructions!

What are likely uses of Related Content in FIN 9.2? The top contenders are:

  • Linking to Step-by-Step instructions for performing the function in question;
  • Linking to the CIW; and,
  • Linking to Singularity for document storage/retrieval (we’ll talk about Singularity in a future OUC News blog post).

The more you hear, the more you like it. That’s the feedback we’re getting from campus users as we collaborate on the FIN Upgrade! Let us know what you think: use our convenient online feedback form.

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