“Thanks” from the OUC Town Hall Team

Thank you – all 250+ of you – for your time, your interest, and your feedback at the OUC Town Hall sessions this month. We always enjoy hearing what you think and working together on ways to make all of our work processes better.

  • To those of you who submitted requests for follow-up on specific issues: we’ll be in touch (to your indicated email address) later this month.
  • To those of you who didn’t submit requests for follow-up, but want to now: you can pursue more info on specific town hall topics by following the links in the columns below.
  • To all of you: Please share this page with a colleague!

Comments on the FIN Upgrade?

Give us some feedback.

Questions on UBIT/tax issues?

Send an email to bob.loosley@cu.edu.

Interested in departmental billing/accounts receivable in PeopleSoft?

Send an email to calvin.anderson@cu.edu.

Wish your favorite PSLite report were available in Cognos?

Send an email to carl.sorenson@cu.edu.

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