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Interested in the Elevate: FIN Upgrade? We recommend the Requirements Matrix

On Oct 6, the Financials Advisory Board (FAB) met for an update on the FIN 9.2 Upgrade … and was assigned some heavy reading. One of their assignments was the Requirements Matrix, a list of items, features, and customizations (ChartField attributes, etc.) that need to be developed and tested in FIN 9.2.

FAB members are asked to review the Matrix, adding to it as necessary, by Oct 24.

Want to read what they’re reading? The Requirements Matrix is available online.

Want to read more of the FIN Upgrade documents? Go to the Elevate - FIN Upgrade website and click on the button labeled "Download FIN Upgrade documents."

Feedback on the Requirements Matrix or other documents? Email Vickie Martin and Carolyn Landa:,

Happy reading!

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