Your campus portal is the better (and starting April 16, the only) way to log in to your CU business applications. Just sign in to your campus portal using your desktop user name and password – and then click the link to the system you want: PeopleSoft Finance, PeopleSoft HRMS, Cognos Reporting, CU Marketplace, Concur Travel & Expense, and so forth. You may want to bookmark your campus portal:


Colorado Springs

If you are one of the hundreds of FishNet users who love the Position Budget and other reports, there are 3 things you need to know.
And now, why not take a moment to revamp the way you get news about Cognos financial reports? Sign up for an RSS feed on Carl’s reporting blog. It’s easy to do and it pays off every week with direct emails to your inbox whenever Carl blogs. You get just enough info in that email to help you decide if this post is relevant to you and you need to read the full post right away … or if it can wait till later. Oh yes – you also get some very fun pictures – like the “multiple project” 3-headed dragon, below:
As we move through the timeline of Cognos financial reports replacing older and unsupported reporting tools, we have updated our Reporting System Initiative site to keep you on track with our progress. Please take a moment to read!
Some Cognos m-Fin reports now offer a new option: run by multiple projects or run by multiple orgs. Previously, the only way to run by multiple values was through the SpeedType option. Now we are introducing support for multiple values entered directly into the prompts for Project, Program, Org, or Fund. Where this change has been made you will see the instruction FUND, ORG | ORGNODE, PROGRAM and PROJECT accept multiple values separated by a single space.
As you know the OUC has been charged with developing the Cognos Reporting System as the single reporting solution for the University of Colorado. In pursuit of this goal, we have already begun to decommission other, unsupported reporting tools. If you use various reporting systems, please note the following schedule for transitions: