Most m-Fin reports render PDF in landscape orientation.
Want to see actual expenditures put into columns by month?
Often after running a report and reviewing the output, I want to run it again for mostly the same parameters, changing perhaps just one thing.
As announced in the July 8th OUC Newsletter, the Denver CIW Financial Web Reports are going away.
In MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer), if your HTML output page is large, drills can take a long time to actually start after you have clicked.
While the CIW GL data it uses has not yet refreshed today, the CU Cognos production system is available via the “Reporting System” link in the third column at
CU is on Cognos 10 now.
Monday April 25, 2011 CU will be running Cognos 10.
The report in the Cognos Finance folder named Trial Balance will not be brought into Cognos 10 next week.
An important new feature introduced with this report is support for OrgNodes.