Until now, most m-Fin reports could not run for more than one Project ID or Org code at a time.
Period zero accounting entries are created by CU’s PeopleSoft financial system with annual processing known as rollforward.
You’ve heeded the warnings and set up your standing purchase orders in the new system.
Today these m-Fin reports migrate from the Cognos QA environment to Cognos production.
Only about twenty people use the cms “Denver” report AD043 – Summary of Balance Sheet Accts.
m-Fin Blog is back on-line now.
Line item Financial Report Comments on CU Marketplace voucher payments are supposed to show up in the journal line description on m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.
Looking for an m-Fin report that seems to have gone missing?
With Cognos 10, MSExcel output format choices are
OUC is offering training to assist with the transition from the Denver Web Reports.