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m-Fin Migration To Production

Today these m-Fin reports migrate from the Cognos QA environment to Cognos production.


  • m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL Bug fix. Drilling to JE now works when in SCRUNCH mode.
  • m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE New report. Very much like m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE SUMMARY but with a subtotal by org and there is no chart. We expect most of you will continue to prefer the original m-Fin EXPENDITURE TYPE SUMMARY but if you don’t want a chart and you do need subtotals for each org, you might use this new report instead.
  • m-Fin NACUBO EXPENSE PURPOSE New report. NACUBO is the National Association of College and University Business Officers. CU assigns each program and project to one of NACUBO’s Expense Purpose categories. This report groups by them. This is useful not for operational control but rather just a general sense what is going on in an org or orgnode. For example: Is most of the money going to instruction or to research?
  • m-Fin K EXHIBIT New report. Project grant oriented. Groups by codes representing granting agencies.
  • m-Fin REVENUE AND EXPENDITURE TOTAL Moved CURRENT prompt to the left.
  • m-Fin TRIAL BALANCE TOTAL Moved CURRENT prompt to the left.

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