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Payment Voucher Form

Line item Financial Report Comments on CU Marketplace voucher payments are supposed to show up in the journal line description on m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL.  This isn’t working.  Instead, every voucher has the same description – PAYMENT VOUCHER FORM.

There are two steps to fixing this.

  1. Get the data into the Finance System database. This step has been completed.  OUC, UIS, and PSC corrected a process that was not properly feeding the Financial Report Comment to CU’s PeopleSoft Finance system.
  2. Get the data into CIW database. I expect work on this step to start sometime this month (November).  OUC, UIS/IRM, and PSC will enhance the CIW’s GL processing to use the Financial Report Comment for the journal line description.  PAYMENT VOUCHER FORM will be replaced with the Financial Report Comments.

There is no change to the m-Fin FINANCIAL DETAIL report.  Once the data is in the CIW GL journal line description it will show up in runs of the report.

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