Under certain circumstances (see PSC Procedural Statement: Cash Advances), employees can request cash advances to cover expenses related to official university business trips..

Before Beginning Your Request…

  • You must already be set up to request cash advances within the Concur Travel & Expense System. To be set up, submit a completed Cash Advance Setup form and complete the required training as noted on the form. The PSC will notify you when your form has been processed.
    Note: You only need to be set up once, before requesting your first cash advance.
  • You must request your own cash advances – this process cannot be done by a delegate.
  • Your cash advance request will automatically be sent to your designated cash advance approver for approval. If your designated cash advance approver is not available to approve your request, email procurement.card@cu.edu for assistance prior to initiating the advance request.

Read the procedures

  1. Use the buttons located in the upper right corner of your Concur home page. Hover your mouse over the New button and select New Cash Advance. The NEW CASH ADVANCE window appears.

  2. Enter a name for your cash advance request. We recommend that you use the same name that you plan to use for your expense report when it comes time to reconcile this advance.

  3. Enter the amount of your request. Refer to the PSC Procedural Statement Cash Advances for guidance on limits.

  4. Provide the purpose, travel dates, requested issue date, and city in the appropriate fields.

  5. To attach documentation to your request (such as a supporting budget when requesting remote stay funds): Click the Documents tab that appears along the top of your request. Attach your documentation file by clicking Browse and Attach.
    You can also click Save to save the information you’ve entered for future submission.

  6. Click Submit to send your request to your designated cash advance approver.
    A Recall button appears once your request is submitted. Click it to return your request back to you for edits or deletion.

  7. Your designated cash advance approver will receive an email notification that a cash advance request is pending approval. Once approved by your designated cash advance approver, the PSC also must approve your request.

  • After your request is approved by the PSC, your cash advance is direct deposited into the same bank account you designated for reimbursements. If you did not designate a separate account for reimbursements, then the advance will be direct deposited into the bank account you designated for your paycheck.
  • You must reconcile the entire cash advance – including the return of any unused portion – along with other trip expenses after the trip by way of an expense report.

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