Under certain circumstances (see PSC Procedural Statement Cash Advances), employees can request cash advances to cover expenses related to official university business trips.

Cash Advance Setup

You must first be set up as eligible for cash advance processing in Concur. To do this, submit the completed Cash Advance Setup form after completing the required training noted on the form.

Note: You only need to be set up once, before requesting your first cash advance.

Cash Advance Requests

When a specific cash advance is needed, submit a cash advance request in Concur. (Your expense delegate can create a cash advance request on your behalf, but you will need to submit it yourself.)

Your cash advance request will automatically be sent to your designated cash advance approver for approval. If your designated cash advance approver is not available to approve your request, email PSCTravel@cu.edu for assistance prior to initiating the advance request.


  1. On the Concur home page, select New and then New Cash Advance. The New Cash Advance window appears.

  2. On the Details tab, enter a name for your cash advance request. We recommend that you use the same name that you plan to use for your expense report when it comes time to reconcile this advance.

  3. Enter the amount of your request. Refer to the PSC Procedural Statement Cash Advances for guidance on limits.

  4. Provide the purpose, travel dates, requested issue date, and city (destination) in the appropriate fields. Provide additional information in the comment field.

  5. Click on the Manage Attachments link. A new window will pop-up, click on Upload Cash Advance Document, search and select the appropriate document. Once attached, click the X in the upper right of the image box.
    On the Documents tab, search for and upload a detailed budget by clicking Browse and Attach. If your budget includes payments to individuals for services, follow the instructions provided in the PSC Procedural Statement Cash Advances.

  6. You can click Save at any time to save the information you’ve entered for future submission.

  7. When you're ready to send the request to your designated cash advance approver, click Submit. (Once you submit the request, a Recall button appears on the screen. You can click it if you want to have your request returned to you for edits or deletion.)

  8. Your designated cash advance approver will receive an email notification that a cash advance request is pending their approval. After their approval, the advance request must also be reviewed and approved by the PSC for processing.

  9. Upon full approval (and according to the date requested), your cash advance is direct deposited into the bank account used for direct deposit of your reimbursements. For information on how cash advances and reimbursements are disbursed to your account/s, refer to Employee Services’ instructions on Direct Deposit.

  10.  Upon completion of trip, the cash advance request is reconciled on an expense report. If you owe money to CU, you must reimburse the University and attach the validated Cash Receipt form to the expense report. (Be sure that all out-of-pocket and Travel Card expenses have been fully reconciled prior to preparing any reimbursement to CU.)

  11. You should finalize your expense report and complete the advance reconciliation/reimbursement process within 30 days of trip end.