Do you need an airline ticket for a University trip?

All domestic and international travel must be approved prior to booking a trip. All international travel must be approved using Concur Request and you will need to enter your Request ID to finalize your international reservation. It is recommended that domestic travel be approved using Concur Request, however, the department can elect to use an internal travel pre-approval process. Please defer to your department to determine what domestic pre-approval process is appropriate for you.    

For international trips, see Booking International Airfare in Concur.

Need to change or cancel an airline ticket booked in Concur? You can modify or cancel your flight directly in Concur, or you can contact a Christopherson Business Travel (CBT) agent.

Read the procedures

You can book flights, rail travel, rental cars, and hotels in Concur. 

You’ll need a University Travel Card or personal credit card identified in your Concur Profile to complete your rail or hotel bookings - see Completing your Profile.

  1. Once you have your department’s approval to travel, log in to Concur.
    • If you’re booking the trip for yourself, you can get started right from the home page.
    • If you’re booking the trip for someone else, you’ll first need to pick the person you’re booking for. To act as a Travel Arranger, click Profile and select that employee from the Acting as other user drop-down. Click Start Session. You’ll see the name of the person you’re arranging travel for display on the home page
  2. Use the Trip Search box to enter your trip information.
    • You can restrict your flight/train search by changing the dropdowns for your depart and return.
    • If you want to search for a rental car or a hotel after your flight search, check the boxes for Pick-up/Drop-off car at airport and/or Find a Hotel. Or you can use the designated tabs, later, to book a car or lodging.
    • The Search by dropdown defaults to sort by Schedule. You can change to sort by Fares first -- or you can keep the Schedule default and compare fares later.
      • Note: Travel Card information needs to be added to the employee’s Concur profile in order to create a reservation for a rental car and/or hotel. The Travel Card will not be charged, it will just hold the reservation. The traveler will be required to present a form of payment at the time of pick up/ check in.   
  3. Click Search and wait for your results to fully load.
  4. You can use the controls on the left to tweak your search. Use the matrix at the top of your screen to narrow down results.
  5. Click Select next to each flight you wish to book. Now you’re able to see the price.
  6. Click on the fare to proceed with booking your flights. You’ll be taken to a new page to review booking details and reserve.
  7. Verify the information on this page is correct. If you decide to change your flights, click Back. If you’re ready to proceed, click Reserve Flight and Continue.
    • Note: Any unused airline credits in the traveler’s name will be applied to the new booking if using the same airline. If you these funds should not be used towards the purchase, this must be indicated in the section “Comments for the Travel Agent” during Step 9 (agent fee will apply.) 
  8. You may see a reminder if you haven’t booked a car or hotel reservation for your trip. Click Cancel if you want to go back and add a car and/or hotel to this search. Click OK to continue with your present itinerary.
  9. Enter the SpeedType you to which the ticket costs will be reconciled and indicate whether or not the trip is grant funded. 
  10. Upon successful ticketing, an itinerary will be emailed to the traveler, the traveler’s supervisor, and any designated Travel Arrangers.
  11. Now - if you want - you can go back to the Concur home page and book a rental car or a hotel. Just remember:
    • If you’re going to a conference, you may need to book your hotel through the conference website.
    • Otherwise, if you’re booking a hotel through Concur, remember to save your Travel Card information in your Concur profile first.
  12. Upon return from your trip, you’ll submit an expense report reconciling Travel Card transactions and requesting reimbursement for any out-of-pocket transactions related to your trip. This travel expense report should include any airfare booked via Concur or CBT.