Trips for non-employees can be booked using Christopherson Business Travel. To do this, the department completes Christopherson’s Non-Employee Travel Request form (see procedures below).

Non-employees also have the option of paying personally for the trip and requesting reimbursement after using the Non-employee Reimbursement form.

Read the procedures

  1. Before you fill out the Non-Employee Travel Request form, you will need to collect some information: Speedtype, full traveler name, email address, birth date, gender, and contact phone number.
  2. Access the Non-Employee Travel Request form from the Procurement Service Center (PSC) Travel webpage.
  3. Complete the required information: Department Requestor Contact Information, Custom Request Information, and Traveler Information. (If using grant funds, Christopherson will share your justification with your campus sponsored project office.)
  4. Indicate whether you prefer to have Christopherson contact you (the Department Requestor) or the Traveler to book the trip.
  5. Review the optional Air Request, Car Request, Hotel Request, and Additional Comments sections.  
  6. Include any additional comments you feel appropriate.  To submit the form to Christopherson Business Travel, click SUBMIT. A travel agent from Christopherson will contact the appropriate person (you or the non-employee traveler).

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