All domestic and international travel must be approved prior to booking a trip. It is recommended that domestic travel be approved using Concur Request, however and department can elect to use an internal travel pre-approval process. Please defer to your department to determine what domestic pre-approval process is appropriate for you. All international travel must be approved using Concur Request and you will need to enter your Request ID to finalize your international reservation.

Travel requests first route to the traveler’s SpeedType approver or HR supervisor, depending on which was selected. International requests then route to the designated International Travel Approver (officer) for the traveler’s HR organizational unit and to the high-risk destination approver -- i.e., the appropriate chancellor/president or their delegate. Additional approvals can be added to a travel request if needed.

Travel Requests must be approved prior to booking travel.

  • When an employee books an international trip in Concur, their ticket is held for up to 24 hours to enable Procurement Service Center review. The PSC Travel team will confirm the status of the international travel request. If the request is pending approval, the approvers will be notified and given 24 hours to take action before tickets are granted. Flights to high-risk destinations will not be ticketed without full approval.
  • Christopherson Business Travel will not book an international trip until the request is fully approved.

Read the procedures

  1. There are several ways to access your approval queue in Concur. One way is to use the buttons located in the upper right corner of your Concur home page and click Required Approvals. Select the request you would like to approve. The international travel request will appear.
  2. Review the request details by selecting the Request Header and Segments tabs along the top. If desired, you can enter comments on the Request Header.
  3. To review attached documentation, click the Attachments dropdown.
    As an approver, you also have the ability to attach documentation to the request.
  4. Use the buttons in the upper right corner of your screen to take action on this request.
    • To approve this request as is, click Approve.
    • If you have questions and want to deny this request, click Send Back Request. In the pop-up window that appears, describe why you are returning this request to the traveler.
    • If you want to approve this request and add an additional approver, click Approve & Forward. Search for and select the next approver.
  5. The Approval Flow page may appear. If it does, review the approval path and click Approve.
  6. You will be sent to your approval queue to repeat the process for each request pending your approval.
    As the approver, you will receive a system-generated email when a travel request has been submitted for your approval. You will also receive reminder emails on the 3rd and 5th days after the request was submitted. If no action is taken by the 7th day, the request will be returned to the employee.