Your Concur Profile stores your personal information, some of which is required by the federal Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to fly. This information will be referenced when you book a trip through Concur Travel or through Christopherson Business Travel (CBT).

Ultimately, you are in charge of your Concur Profile. The required information can be updated by yourself, your delegate, or your travel arranger. Some of the optional information can only be updated by yourself or your travel arranger – not by your delegate.

Setting up your Profile


  1. Select your Profile menu click Profile Settings.
  2. Click Personal Information.
  3. Required Information - Four pieces of information are required to use Concur Travel – the remainder is at your discretion to complete.

    Note: The first time you update your Concur Profile, you must ensure all four required pieces of information are complete before you save. You can then update and save each section separately as needed.

    • Your Name - This should match the government-issued photo ID – such as a driver’s license or passport – you will present to airport security.

    • Company Information - Verify that your Employee ID and Manager appear correct. The individual listed as Manager will receive emails when your trips are booked. These fields are populated from HCM and cannot be updated in Concur. Contact your Payroll Liaison to make changes in HCM.

    • Contact Information - Enter either a Work Phone or Home Phone. Both are noted as required, but only one must be provided.Now is a great time to verify your email address(s).

    • TSA Secure Flight - Once all four required pieces of information are complete, click Save at the bottom of this section to save changes to the required information. The Date of Birth will display as xx/xx/xxxx once saved.
  4. Optional Information - Completion of the rest of your Concur Profile is optional, but is recommended to streamline the travel booking process.

    Use the Travel Preferences section to identify your air, hotel, and car rental preferences.

    You can also enter your travel-related loyalty programs and favorite hotels. (You must first book a hotel through Concur before you can add it as a favorite hotel.)
  5. Use the International Travel section to identify your international travel information. Even though Concur can only be used to book domestic travel, this section is used by Christopherson Business Travel to obtain your passport and visa information when needed.
  6. Use the Assistants and Travel Arrangers section to identify your travel arrangers.
  7. You’ll need a University Travel Card or personal credit card identified in your Concur Profile to complete your rail or hotel bookings. Use the Credit Cards section to save a credit card.

Verifying your Email Address

Before sending emails to, you must first verify your email address(es). This is necessary for Concur to associate information sent from your email address(es) to your Concur account…and upload into your Available Receipts area.

  1. Select your Profile menu in the upper right corner of your screen, then click the Profile Settings link.
  2. Select Email Addresses from the menu along the left side of the screen.
  3. If the appropriate email address isn’t listed, click the [+]Add an email address link (right side of screen). Enter the email address in the field that appears, indicate whether you want Concur travel notifications sent, and click the OK link.
  4. The email address now appears in the list with a status of Not Verified.
  5. Click the Verify link.
  6. A confirmation message appears; click OK.
  7. Retrieve the Email Verification email sent from Concur. The email contains a code that you will need to enter in Concur. If you prefer, you can copy the code from the email by highlighting it and then pressing the copy shortcut (Ctrl+C) on your keyboard.
  8. Go back to Concur and enter the code. If you copied the code from the email, click in the field and then press the paste shortcut (Ctrl+V) on your keyboard.
  9. Click OK.
  10. The email address now has a status of Verified. You may now use this email address to send images to your Available Receipts area.
  11. Repeat for additional email addresses as needed.