We've received some great tips this year to support CU's researchers and financial stakeholders! Take a look at what your colleagues are doing ...
The first day of Spring is March 20. That makes it a great day to renew yourself, and your career, by dedicating time to Continuing Professional Education (CPE).
The University and Campus Controllers meet on February 11 to discuss various topics.
This Valentine’s Day, give yourself – and your career – a little love by committing to Continuing Professional Development (CPE) at 1800 Grant Street in Denver.
The 2018 Annual Financial Report is available on the OUC website in both HTML and PDF formats. A Companion website is also available to help make financial report information easier to understand for non-accountants.
Learn about new accounting standards that take effect in FY 2019 and beyond ... and get a grip on the cash flow statements.
The University and Campus Controllers meet on January 14 to discuss various topics.
December campus close will be Friday, January 4, 2019.
The University and Campus Controllers meet on December 17 to discuss various topics.
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