Greetings! Some important news on FIN 9.2.
March close is underway and we have some additional news about FIN 9.2
February close concluded smoothly.
February close concluded smoothly.
February campus close will be Tuesday, March 22, with System close immediately following on Wednesday, March 23. Your February m-Fin reports will be ready to review by Thursday, March 24.
Reminder: January System Close is today, March 11
Campus close for January 2016 is scheduled for Thursday, March 10. System close will be Friday, March 11.
Congratulations to the OUC's Lisa Vallad, a nationally recognized Emerging Training Leader!
We’ve reached a milestone: closing our first month in the new FIN 9.2 system.
This recap continues our series of status updates for the upgraded Finance System (FIN 9.2).