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FIN 9.2: Weekly Update

Greetings! Some important news on FIN 9.2.

PET Issues

The HCM team is working to identify some issues related to several PETs that were approved but have not interfaced. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the progress for the fixes.

Sponsored Project Budgets

Budgets are created in the new grants module for sponsored projects and then interfaced to the General Ledger. The team was working on automating this interface on a nightly basis. During the transition, budgets were not posted from early April until yesterday – all budgets should now be interfaced and reflected on your m-Fin reports. If you do not see the budgets, please contact your campus sponsored project office.   

Gift fund balances in Cognos m-Fin reports

With the FIN 9.2 upgrade and related delay in closing the books, CU was still posting December and January gift revenue in February and March – long after CU Foundation (CUF) had closed the earlier months. So those gift entries are reflected in CUF’s February or March records.  You will see the results of this in your CUF balances if you run m-Fin reports for December, January, February, or March. 

Today's m-Fin reports default to April, and April CUF balances are caught up. 

FIN Issues lists available

You can now view a comprehensive status of FIN 9.2 issues and fixes – as well as HCM issues affecting the general ledger and m-Fin reports – on the OUC website. 

To help you find items efficiently, the information is separated into the following lists:

  • FIN Upgrade Finance Issues List – items specific to FIN 9.2
  • Elevate PET and Encumbrances Issue Log – items specific to HCM, that impact data in FIN 9.2 and the CIW/Cognos
  • Grants Support Issue Tracking List – items specific to grants/projects functionality, particularly important to the campus sponsored project and finance offices

The first two lists are available directly on the OUC website, as well as in SharePoint. The Grants list is available in SharePoint.


Contact the Finance & Procurement Help Desk.

More updates next week!   

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