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FIN 9.2 Update: December is Closed and Reports are Ready for Review!

December is closed!

We’ve reached a milestone: closing our first month in the new FIN 9.2 system.

Getting here has been the result of a remarkable collaboration between System and Campus departments. Good job, everyone!

Your December reports are ready for review!

The CIW was refreshed on Sunday night, so now is the time to take a good look at your m-Fin reports.

As you review your December reports, keep in mind that:

  • Approved December PETS should be reflected. December PETs that were in error status will not appear on your December reports as they were corrected in January/February.
  • F&A is calculated only for December expenses. We have not run F&A for January or February.
  • If you are at UCCS or System, you may still see incorrect reporting of benefit expenses. These are in the process of being corrected.

Let us know if you identify any other issues with your December reports.

When will we close January?

We’ll set dates for closing January and February after we complete our review of December close and investigation into outstanding issues – e.g., the benefits pool mentioned above for UCCS/System, ongoing PET interface requirements, F&A for January/February, and any additional items that are identified by you during your report review.

Kudos to the campuses!

Thank you all for generously sharing your time, energy, and knowledge. We appreciate your work to make FIN 9.2 work for us all. Thank you, also, to the dedicated FIN team here at System. Congratulations on the first month-end close!

More updates later this week.

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