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Many CU offices struggle with a manual sign-in process for the educational events they host. The Department of Neurology offers a model to improve education management ... from sign-in, to feedback, to reporting.
Combine data, creativity, and technology to drive communications … and you can transform customer service.
The deadline for CUSP submissions has passed ... and the 2015 CU Shared Practices Program is now entering the next phase.
You've had great ideas. You've put them in practice. And now, April 30 is your last day to share your greatness with the CUSP 2015 Program.
At CU Denver, an office tasked with extensive communications found a solution to the challenge through the use of MailChimp.
At the University of Colorado Boulder, the CU Research Administration team developed a thoughtful onboarding process to make sure that what they wanted for new employees really happened.
End-of-day, Mon, April 27: That's your deadline to register for several just-scheduled CPE offerings at Grant Street.
In a recent submission to the CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program, CU Online describes how a new approach to team communications improves communication behavior as well as technology.
Want to learn some fun techniques to make meetings, training sessions, and other workplace events more engaging and productive?