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Finance System Annual Update: A New Look for Homepages

Over the weekend of February 12, 2022, the annual Finance System update brings a new look for the FIN homepages.

With this update, you'll find it easier to navigate the homepages:

  • The Homepage dropdown moves to the left of the screen.
  • You can use Scroll Arrows to navigate between multiple homepages.
  • You can access your Recently Visited Pages and your Favorites more quickly, thanks to new icons.
  • You can easily see when you have Journal Entries to approve in a new Notifications panel on the right of the screen.  
  • The NavBar has new icons. And the NavBar's Navigator option is now called Menu – with items in the Menu now listed in more user-friendly alphabetical order. From a transaction/inquiry page, you can navigate back to the Main Menu more quickly through new links. For more information, see the NavBar and Favorites webpage

Wondering about the individual transaction pages in FIN? You won't see any changes to the inquiry or update pages themselves.

Questions? Contact the OUC's new Financial Services & Solutions (FSS) team at


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