CU Innovation & Efficiency Awards: 2022 Program Open for Submissions

As we all know, COVID has irrevocably altered the way we work. Last year, our CU Innovation & Efficiency (CU I&E) Awards Program featured several prize-winning submissions showing how employees came together to tackle problems and work smarter in a largely remote work environment. Whether it was automating the billing process for sponsored projects, arranging for remote medical consultations, or taking an elaborate computing environment into the cloud, CU proved that we could rise to the occasion and make good things happen ... quickly.

This year, we’d like to hear from others who have come up with unique takes on advancing business processes -- remote or otherwise.

The 2022 CU Innovation & Efficiency program recently kicked off with an updated website and a streamlined submission form. This year’s submission period will close March 31, after which we’ll begin the difficult process of selecting semifinalists and then, the winners. Winning projects -- to be announced before the end of the current fiscal year -- will be awarded cash prizes ranging from $1,000-1,500 (all subject to taxes and withholding).

Here's how to participate:

Questions? Contact CU I&E Awards Program Manager Fran Chapman.  

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