CU System - Finance & Procurement Services Reorganization

The Office of University Controller (OUC) and the Procurement Service Center (PSC) are pleased to announce a reorganization as to how they deliver Help Desk and Training Services to CU’s campuses.

In the past, these solutions for both finance and procurement were provided by the OUC’s Finance & Procurement Business Services team, including the FinPro Help Desk. While this has worked well over the years, our offices feel that optimal customer service at this time will be delivered by separating the two functions. 

Beginning in September 2021:

  • The OUC will realign its current Finance & Procurement Business Services team. The new unit – Financial Services & Solutions – will focus on training modalities/methods and content related to finance, financial reporting, fiscal responsibilities, and the OUC’s Continuing Professional Education Program.
  • The PSC will reorganize to incorporate a new unit – Customer Success & Organizational Excellence – that will directly deliver help desk, training, and related services exclusively for purchasing, payables, travel, and other areas within the purview of the PSC. Note: The current FinPro Help Desk phone number (303.837.2161) will become the new PSC service desk phone number. The current email will forward to the new PSC service desk inbox on a temporary basis (through November 2021); the new direct PSC email address will be announced shortly.

The reorganization was initiated jointly by the OUC and PSC with the purpose of redistributing our resources more effectively. By enabling each office to focus on its core mission, we will enhance the service and leadership that each provides to internal (CU) and external customers.

More details are available now on the OUC and PSC websites. We will present regular updates via these websites, and via our usual communication channels, throughout the full transition period, August-November 2021.

As part of the process, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to share your thoughts with us:

Office of University Controller (OUC) Questions & Feedback form
Procurement Service Center (PSC) Questions & Feedback form 

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