What's Changing

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) and the Office of University Controller (OUC) are pleased to announce a reorganization as to how they deliver Help Desk and Training Services to CU’s campuses.

In the past, these solutions for both finance and procurement were provided by the OUC’s Finance & Procurement Business Services team, including the FinPro Help Desk. While this has worked well over the years, our offices feel that optimal customer service at this time will be delivered by separating the two functions, enabling each office to focus on its core mission. Therefore, responsibility for Help Desk and Training for procurement will transfer from the OUC to the PSC.

What this means to you...

Beginning in September 2021:

  • The PSC will reorganize to incorporate a new unit – Customer Success & Organizational Excellence – that will directly deliver help desk, training, and related services exclusively for purchasing, payables, travel, and other areas within the purview of the PSC.
  • The OUC will realign its current Finance & Procurement Business Services team. The new unit – Financial Services & Solutions – will focus on training modalities/methods and content related to finance, financial reporting, fiscal responsibilities, and the OUC’s Continuing Professional Education Program.

The reorganization was initiated jointly by the PSC and OUC with the purpose of redistributing our resources more effectively. By enabling each office to focus on its core mission, we will enhance the service and leadership that each provides to internal (CU) and external customers.

We will present regular updates on this website and on the OUC Reorg website -- as well as through our usual communication channels -- throughout the full transition period, August-November 2021.

As part of the process, we look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to share your thoughts through the Questions & Feedback form (see below, and also on the OUC website).

What to expect this week

Thank you for your patience as the Procurement Service Center continues our reorganization in the delivery of help desk and training functions. Today, we are happy to announce a return to full phone service hours. You will now be able to reach us at (303) 837-2161 from 8AM-Noon and 1PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday. As always, if for any reason a consultant is not available during those hours or you are contacting us before or after this time, the best way to reach us will be by email, at psc@cu.edu.

Learn More

Click on the toggles below to learn more about how the PSC is reorganizing to enhance service delivery. To learn more about how the Office of University Controller is reorganizing, click here.

Overview: Our New Organizational Structure

Here's how we're reorganizing our office to better serve you:

  • The current Operations team -- which comprises supplier and payables support -- is being expanded to include customer experience specialists in a dedicated PSC service desk: Customer Experience & Operations.
  • The Customer Experience & Operations service desk will be established in a new Customer Success & Organizational Excellence unit in the PSC, with additional staffing and resources identified within that unit to further support customer satisfaction through training, analysis, and process improvement.

To see our org chart, click here.

New PSC Service Desk

Our new PSC service desk will provide 1:1 assistance with Concur, Marketplace, and their related policies and forms. When the new PSC service desk is operational (October 2021), you will be able to reach us in a variety of ways:

  • Email: Effective Oct 1, the new PSC Service Desk email is PSC@cu.edu. For your convenience, the FinProHelp@cu.edu email will forward to our new Service Desk email from Oct 1-Dec 31, 2021. 
  • Telephone: The Finance & Procurement Help Desk phone (303.837.2161) will become the PSC Service Desk phone. No need to change your speed-dial.
  • Chat: During the initial reorganization/transition period (August-October), chat is not available. We plan to reactivate it later this fall and will let you know when that takes place.

Training & Documentation

The PSC service desk can assist you with 1:1 help and with referral to training sessions, online courses, and web-based and other guidance.

PSC Policies and Procedures

The PSC service desk can assist you in finding the appropriate policy and in interpreting it/applying it to your specific situation. Please note that the Office of the University Controller (OUC) and the PSC have identified ownership of specific policies that FinPro traditionally provided collective guidance on. For a listing of where to direct questions related to specific policies, please click here: Policies & Procedures.