Want to learn some fun techniques to make meetings, training sessions, and other workplace events more engaging and productive?
You asked for more CPE before the end of the fiscal year. Here it is!
We hear you. The Office of University Controller is responding to your feedback on our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program.
We’ve adjusted our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program this year, based on your feedback.
Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses on March 17 are all about you: specifically, about your self-knowledge, organization and management, and safeguarding.
If you use University funds (of any type) to purchase gift cards, this training is for you!
The purchase of gift cards using University funds is subject to several conditions. Do you know what these are?
There is still time – and there are still a few slots available – for individuals interested in Continuing Professional Education (CPE) at Grant Street on Wed, Jan 21.
Does your department purchase gift cards? New gift card procedures take effect Feb 1, 2015.
Want to take a bite out of (procurement) learning?