Description: Our Residence Life department consists of 54 staff members who use the Procurement card to make about 400 purchases a month for student development programs in the Residence Halls. For fiscal year 2013, Hall Directors used an individual paper chit to capture the business purpose, comments, speedtype, and account code. Upon completion, they would physically take the chit and receipt to the Administrative Assistant, which took about five minutes of time. Next the admin would type the information into another departmental form, scan the form and receipt together, and save the pdf to the interdepartmental network, taking another 10 minutes. In cases where receipts were missing or purchase information was delayed, additional time might be needed. Finally, one more admins would upload the form to Concur and copy and paste the information into the fields in Concur, taking another five minutes per expense. Each purchase took about 20 minutes to process, or about 133 hours per month and about 500 sheets of paper.
Description: At UCCS the cash transfer JEs and new ChartField requests are a centralized process. After fiscal year-end close, I was responsible for disposing outdated records which included backup documents for the cash transfers and ChartField requests. While making several trips to the recycle bin to dispose of these documents, I saw resources being wasted and thought there should be a better way. I had already requested that campus personnel send their requests for cash transfers and new ChartField setups by email. Unfortunately, there are as many different ways to ask for cash transfers as there are people. Deciphering exactly what each request was trying to accomplish (e.g., SpeedTypes involved, amounts transferred, and business purpose for each request) took quite a bit of time and back-and-forth communications. To bring uniformity to the cash transfer requests, I created a Multi Cash Transfer template.
Description: Scriptbuilder is an MS-Word template I created shortly after joining the Employee Learning and Development (ELD) team. Using MS-Word “quick parts,” styles, and other MS-Word features, I created the tool to improve the production and consistency of our course development scripts used by ELD instructional designers (ID), HTML developers (HD) and our client subject matter experts (SME). With this tool IDs can quickly design a course script that closely matches the HTML screens of a finished online course. SME’s and other stake holders can gain a better understanding of what the finished course will look like once it’s uploaded to SkillSoft. HTML developers, using our associated course shell, can easily develop the web pages by applying complementary library objects and CSS within the shell.
The Office of University Controller (OUC) will be visiting each campus during the week of Oct 7-11 for this year's OUC Town Halls. Through our annual Town Hall sessions, we can share news on OUC activities and directions...hear your thoughts and suggestions about how to better serve you...and continue to promote transparency and accountability in all that we do. For a schedule of campus Town Halls, and to register, go to
Registration for the remaining September Continuing Professional Education classes is still open … and they’re filling up rapidly. Don’t delay!
At the May 13 Controllers' Meeting, contributors of accepted CUSP (CU Shared Practices) submissions for FY 2013 delivered in-person presentations outlining their great ideas in practice across CU.
The Office of University Controller recently presented Town Hall sessions to share accomplishments and initiatives with campus staff and hear their thoughts and questions.
We have a few changes scheduled to take effect with the current (January 2013) semiannual update cycle.

The following items were discussed at the last Controllers’ meeting:

  • Procurement Card Default SpeedTypes
  • Proposed State Accounts Receivable Rules
  • Capital Asset Chapter for Accounting Handbook
  • Campus Controller Best Practices Series
  • PS Lite Use/Survey Plans
  • CPE Review
  • Cash Advances/Travel Reimbursements and Tax Implications
  • Fund 30/31 SpeedType Setup - Email Notification (like Fund 34)
  • Roundtable

If you have any questions, please contact your campus controller.

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