Policy/Procedure Changes this Month

We have a few changes scheduled to take effect with the current (January 2013) semiannual update cycle. The Administrative Policy Statement (APS) Propriety of Expenses will be revised to restore the “Tests of Propriety” to the APS. These 8 questions -- a critical guide for determining the appropriateness of using university funds – have been part of the PSC Procedural Statement (PPS) Tests of Propriety. Uniting the guidance and the questions in the APS will make it easier for departments to find the guidance they need, in one place. The separate PPS  will then no longer be needed and will be removed from the PSC website. Note that the APS Propriety of Expenses will also be modified to include a few statements from the current PPS Expense Approval Process. Most of this PPS is redundant with the other documents and after the APS is revised, the PPS will be eliminated. The APS License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues is being revised for clarity, currency, and completeness. This includes updates to terminology that is no longer relevant and references to documents that are no longer in existence. The APS Officer Disclosure of Interests is undergoing a few modifications, adding content from an old Finance Procedural Statement (FPS) by the same name. (The FPS has already been removed from the Controller website.) The APS revision will provide updated links to individual campus disclosure forms. Please note (1) None of the above revisions change any policy, procedural, or form requirements. (2) The APS revisions will be published shortly after Jan 17 (as opposed to Jan 1), due to a change in meeting date for the final policy review team.

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