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The following information is for Shoppers in CU Marketplace:

PSC Website

The PSC website contains information on procurement policies, procedures, and instructions.

Access to CU Marketplace

You will receive email notification once you have access to CU Marketplace. This will come after your access has been requested by your department - using the Oracle Identity Manage (OIM) - and the required training - through SkillSoft in your campus portal - has been completed.

  • Information Security and Privacy is required
  • The online course CU Marketplace Shopper is recommended

Update Your Profile

You should set your CU Marketplace profile - including Requestors - to make shopping easier. Step-by-Step Guides and other learning resources are available on the CU Marketplace Learning Resources page, under Updating Your Profile.  

Review the Quick Reference Guide

The Shopper Quick Reference Guide provides quick instructions for many Shopper processes.

Refer to the Learning Resources

Step-by-Step Guides, videos and other learning resources are available on the CU Marketplace Learning Resources page, specifically:

  • Navigating within CU Marketplace
  • Using Hosted Catalogs to Shop
  • Using Punch-out Catalogs to Shop
  • Using Non-Catalog Forms to Shop
  • Modifying Shopping Carts
  • Assigning Shopping Carts to Requestors

Supplier Set-up for CU Marketplace Orders

Can't find your supplier when filling out a form? The supplier must be set up before you can continue. Refer to the CU Supplier Portal web page for guidance.

Catalog Supplier Information

Want to know whether a specific catalog supplier will charge for shipping and handling? Or the deadline for a specific catalog supplier to ship orders same day? Or how to check the status of your order? The CU Marketplace Catalog Supplier Information Matrix has the answers. It is available at the bottom of the CU Marketplace Learning Resources page.

PSC Newsletters

The Procurement Service Center (PSC) newsletter frequently provides information, tips, and tricks for CU Marketplace and Concur...and other procurement-related topics. Email to join the User Alert list and begin receiving email notifications when a new edition is available. (Note: This will also sign you up for email notifications of Office of University Controller news on a regular basis.)