Those with Shopper access in CU Marketplace must assign their shopping carts to a Requestor for processing.

Shoppers can unassign a shopping cart from a Requestor to:

  • Update the shopping cart; or,
  • Assign a different Requestor to the shopping cart.

Read the procedures

To assign a shopping cart

  1. Access your active cart by clicking the shopping cart link located in the upper right corner of your screen and clicking View My Cart.
    Alternately, you can use the navigation bar on the left side of your screen and go to Shop > My Carts and Orders > Open My Active Shopping Cart.

    If you do not need to make any changes to the items in your shopping cart, you are ready to assign your shopping cart to a Requestor.

  2. Click Assign Cart located in the upper right corner of the page.

  3. The Assign Cart pop-up window will appear. Select a Requestor (also referred to as an assignee) using one of three possible options. The options appear under the Assign Cart To area, and what you see depends on how you have set up your CU Marketplace profile.
    • Preferred assignee: If you have identified a preferred Requestor in your CU Marketplace profile, that person’s name will automatically appear here.
    • Select from profile values: If you have identified Requestors in your CU Marketplace profile – and you want to assign your shopping cart to one of them – click the Select from profile values link. Choose the appropriate Requestor from the dropdown list that appears.
    • Search for an assignee: If you have not identified Requestors in your CU Marketplace profile – or if you want to assign your shopping cart to a Requestor not identified in your profile – click the Search for an assignee link.

      Search for the Requestor by last name (and other information if desired) and click Search. From the list of results, select the appropriate Requestor by clicking anywhere on the line of the person’s name. Check the Add to Profile checkbox if you plan to assign shopping carts to this Requestor again.

      For guidance on identifying Requestors in your CU Marketplace profile, refer to the guide Adding Requestors (Assignees) to Your CU Marketplace Profile.
  4. If desired, enter comments to your Requestor regarding this shopping cart in the Note To Assignee box.  The comments will be part of the email notification sent to the Requestor.
  5. Click Assign.
  6. A message appears, along with a summary of your request. An email notification of the assignment is sent by CU Marketplace to the Requestor. You will receive email notification from CU Marketplace when the Requestor processes your shopping cart.

To unassign a shopping cart

Note - You should notify your Requestor when you unassign a shopping cart – your Requestor will not receive an email notification

  1. Use your side navigation bar to go to Shop > My Carts and Orders > View Carts
  2. Under the My Drafts Assigned to Others section, locate the shopping cart you want to unassign.
  3. Click the Unassign button. Your shopping cart will appear.
  4. If needed, update the shopping cart.
  5. When ready, assign your shopping cart to the appropriate Requestor.

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