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The new Small Dollar Contract Request Form is live on CU Marketplace.  This form streamlines the small dollar contract process into one dedicated submission form for all small dollar procurement contracts $10,000 or less.  It eliminates the need to email the various procurement inboxes, consolidates all communications regarding these contracts within Marketplace, and allows the PSC to balance workloads to improve processing times.  The form can be found in CU Marketplace and allows more visibility into the contract workflow process and contract status.   

Important Notes: 

  • Only those that have the requestor role in Marketplace will be able to submit small dollar contracts through this process.
  • It works much like the supplier request. Form submission means that your small dollar contract form has been sent to the appropriate purchasing agent for review and processing, but it has not yet been fully executed. 
  • The purchasing agent will confirm with you once the contract has been executed. 
  • If you need a requisition for the purchase, you will still need to enter the requisition separately. 

Please note: submitting the Small Dollar Contract Intake Form does not mean your contract has been fully executed.  Form submission means your contract has been sent to the appropriate purchasing agent’s queue for review and processing.  The purchasing agent will confirm with you once the contract has been executed. 

View this 5-minute video which will walk you through the Small Dollar Request Form:

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial: CU Marketplace How-To: Small Dollar Contract Request Form

Learn how to purchase and pay for items using CU Marketplace.

Requesting a role in CU Marketplace
For a list of training requirements and descriptions of the different CU Marketplace roles, visit the Access & Training Requirements guide.

Logging into CU Marketplace
Log in to your campus portal and on the CU Resources Home tab, click the CU Marketplace tile.

CU Supplier Portal Information

In most cases, external suppliers must register through the CU Supplier Portal in order to be paid by CU. Departments can invite suppliers to register.

Exceptions - The following do not need to register through the Supplier Portal:

  • Study subjects. The study subject's paper W-9 (IRS form) must accompany the Study Subject Payment form to ensure that the individual is correctly set up as Clinical Trial supplier.
  • Reimbursements/refunds.Tax documents are not needed to issue reimbursements (via the Non-Employee Reimbursement-International form) or refunds (via the Payment Authorization form).
  • Stipends and cash awards on the Payment Authorization form. The payee's paper W-9 (IRS form) must accompany the Payment Authorization form.
  • CU employees and CU students are not considered suppliers.

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