What Have You Done for CU Lately? (CUSP Deadline is April 30)

Last Day!
You've had great ideas. You've put them in practice. And now, April 30 is your last day to share your greatness with the CUSP 2015 Program.

When you submit your business process improvements to CUSP -- the CU Shared Practices Program -- you're sharing your story with all of your CU colleagues. And you're making yourself eligible for one of several cash prizes.

After all, multiplying efficiencies and innovations, and recognizing CU employees, is what CUSP is all about.

And April 30 is your deadline: the last day to submit to this year's program.

So take some time today to visit the CUSP website and tell us what you've done for CU. We're waiting to hear from you!



This is something I would like to see implemented campus wide...I think it should be a requirement that all personnel above a certain level (I'm thinking Deans, Directors and anyone higher up) are made to use Outlook for their calendars.  I schedule meetings daily for people and the number of man hours wasted in making phone calls or sending e-mails (and trying to figure out who does everyone's scheduling) are a huge waste of our dollars spent.  It's a frustrating practice and it's time consuming.  At least if everyone was made to use the same system I would be able to see at a glance if they might be available.  Then, the confirmations could follow.  But, it would be such a big help on the front end of the process.


Thanks, Nancy. If someone puts your idea into practice, it could be a CUSP submission for next year!

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