Reminder: FYE Adjustment Periods

As a reminder: in FIN 9.2, we have three fiscal year-end (FYE) adjustment periods.

Adjustment Period 996

The first preliminary month-end close for June 2018 was completed on Friday, July 6. Period 12 is therefore now closed and we are in the first FYE adjustment period. If you created period 12 (June) journals that didn't post by the first close, those journals have automatically been set to Adjusting Entry-period 996.

If you need to create a new FY 2018 journal, be sure to change the default journal date to 06/30/2018 on the Add a New Value tab of Create/Update Journal Entries. Then, select Adjusting Entry on the Journal Header page. The adjustment period will default to 996.  

Journal Entries screenshot

The CIW has been updated with June month-end transactions. Please review your financial reports so you can make any necessary corrections or adjustments. Note that when you run your financial reports in CU-Data, the open period (currently 996) will default.

Adjustment Period 997

The second preliminary close for campus input is Thursday, July 12. The OUC will close period 996 on Friday, July 13, and then open the second FYE adjustment period, 997.

At that time, if you have any unposted June journals, those journals will automatically be set to Adjusting Entry-period 997. If you create a new FY 2018 journal after second close, you'll need to change the default date to 06/30/2018 and specify that it’s an Adjusting Entry; the adjustment period will default to 997.

When you run your financial reports after second close, CU-Data will default to the open period -- which at that time will be 997. 

Adjustment Period 998

The third and final campus close is Thursday, July 19. After third close, you should not approve or post any FY 2018 journals. The OUC will run final close procedures on Friday, July 20, and open the final FYE adjustment period, 998. You should not create any 998 entries, as the third adjustment period is used only by the controllers' offices.

As usual, CU-Data will default to the open period -- which at that time will be July (period 1/FY 2019). When you run your financial reports for period 998/FY 2018, information from all FYE adjustment periods (996, 997, and 998) will be included.


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