FSS@cu.edu for questions on CU-Data/m-Fin reports, FIN, fiscal compliance (propriety of expenses, including sensitive expenses, recognition and training, gift cards), Accounting Handbook procedures (fundraising events, etc.), OUC forms, and the OUC's Continuing Professional Education Program.

accounting@cu.edu for ChartField requests, questions on CORE (Colorado Operations and Resource Engine -- the State's financial enterprise system), external audit issues, Annual Financial Report information, and CU System capital asset issues

OUCfinance@cu.edu for identification/clarification of fiscal roles, including roles for Finance and for Grants, for ePERS questions on the sponsored projects effort certification that the OUC administers each semester in compliance with Uniform Guidance, and for processing of Concur Delegate Authorization and Travel Arranger forms

Fiscal.Certification@cu.edu for questions on the annual mandatory fiscal certification/assessment process, or on the voluntary fiscal assessment

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accounting@colorado.edu for general accounting assistance/information

fiscalcompliance@colorado.edu for fiscal compliance questions

pettycash@colorado.edu for assistance with petty cash, change funds, or gift cards

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acctfinc@uccs.edu for ChartField requests and for general accounting assistance/information

acctfund@uccs.edu for gift card approvals

campusaa@uccs.edu for alcohol approvals

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CU Denver 303.315.2250
Anschutz Medical Campus 303.724.9610

Finance.AccountingHelp@ucdenver.edu for general accounting assistance

FS-Compliance@ucdenver.edu for fiscal compliance questions

PCGC@ucdenver.edu for petty cash and gift cards

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