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New CPE Course Helps You Improve Your Workplace

Who doesn't want to make their workplace a better place?

Now you can learn to do just that with our new Continuing Professional Education (CPE) course: Micro-aggressions and Micro-affirmations: Awareness in the Workplace.

Micro-aggressions are everyday slights or insults that undermine the dignity of the target persons. In this course, you'll learn how to recognize the impacts of micro-aggressions in the workplace. You'll also pick up techniques for incorporating micro-affirmations -- small acts to communicate that all are seen and welcome -- into your daily work life.

Join us on Tuesday morning, December 12, at the CU System Building (1800 Grant St., Denver).

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Debra Rowley

This will be an interesting class

Josh Brumley

Looking forward to it!

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