Elevate: FIN Upgrade - It's Go Time!

We're getting close to FIN 9.2 go-live ... so let's get ready to go! Following is a quick update and reminder on resources available to you.

Check out the redesigned Elevate: FIN website.

Get ready for the new features we've been working to deliver as part of the Finance System upgrade. We've redesigned the Elevate FIN website to focus on the things you'll need at Go Time, including last-minute training, additional learning resources on multiple topics, and our new FIN Answer Board.

What is the new FIN Answer Board?

Glad you asked. The FIN Answer Board is part of our commitment to transparency and communication. It's a live forum that lets you see real-time questions and other issues related to the FIN 9.2 go-live ... and shows solutions as soon as the answers are known. If you have a question about the FIN 9.2 upgrade, the FIN Answer Board is a great place to start.

Of course, we'll also continue to communicate with you using the established channels you're used to ... like the OUC News Blog, email distributions, and the User Alert list.

FinProHelp is your main support hub.

The Finance & Procurement Help Desk consultants provide a single point of contact to support your FIN 9.2 questions. They’ll give you the answers … or get the answers from our other FIN 9.2 experts. As always, you can email FinProHelp ... call them ... or chat with them.

Last but not least: on-campus help when you need it.

Over the next few weeks, OUC staff will be on your campus to provide immediate hands-on assistance. Contact FinProHelp if you think this is what you need.

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Learn about the upcoming Finance System upgrade. Visit the Elevate: FIN Upgrade website.

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