CUSP 2015 Closes: And the Next Steps Are ...

The deadline for CUSP submissions has passed ... and the 2015 CU Shared Practices Program is now entering the next phase.

  • The CUSP vetting committee is reviewing a number of recent submissions to determine which to recognize with publication on the CUSP website.
  • From the final set of published 2015 CUSP submissions, 10 semifinalists will be selected to move to the next tier.
  • Semifinalists will be invited to present their best practices in person to the CUSP voting body (on Monday morning, May 18, at 1800 Grant St.) and at the 2015 CUSP Expo (in June-date to be determined, at Grant St.).
  • The winners of the 2015 CUSP Program year will be announced, and their cash prizes presented, at the June Expo event.

Be sure to watch the CUSP Current Submissions website -- and look for our individual blog postings on each published best practice.

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