The Office of University Controller consistently seeks to enhance both the format and delivery mechanisms of financial information. Among the OUC’s recent accomplishments: publication of the Supplementals in HTML.
Think outside the (cellphone) box. That’s what Office of Laboratory Animal Resources (OLAR) staff did when faced with static, dropped calls, and other communications challenges.
Within CU System Administration, the office of University Information Systems (UIS) has focused attention on the critical role played by communications in project success.
At CU-Boulder, a nationally recognized laboratory conservation and cost-savings program was initially inspired by a sticker on a light switch.
At CU-Boulder, re-engineering "Introduction to Engineering" as a massive online course created efficiencies in staffing and space, saved thousands of dollars, and delivered a quality learning experience.
If you’re looking for a way to put productivity and (yes) fun in meetings, take a look at Boulder’s Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG).
The Disability Services office at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs traditionally followed a time-consuming, in-person process to ensure that qualified students received the necessary accommodations each semester. The numerous steps involved – including a highly manual renewal procedure – required weeks to complete. Occasionally, the required accommodations could not be implemented as of the first day of the term.
In Boulder last year, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) developed a way to streamline their internal travel approval process.
At the University of Colorado Denver, employees were delighted to move from a paper-based inventory process to an electronic system.
The Boulder Campus Police Department recently tapped into CU-Boulder’s Google investment and enhanced security through a new Community Safety Official (CSO) website.